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Membership Information & Renewals

Updated: Feb 29

Thanks to the following businesses for renewing their membership in the BBBA:

Beauchamp Plumbing & Heating; Your Building Centers; Lawruk Builders, Inc; Fine -Line Cabinets; Penstan Supply

Please welcome our newest member: Beck's Maintenance; Joe Beck Owner; Located at 539 Municipal Drive, Duncansville, PA 16635 Phone number: 814-696-4700

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Member Benefits

Insurance, Discounts & Rebates: ~It pays to be a member ......Insurance: Workers Comp Insurance by Eastern Alliance through McConkey & Co. visit Ryan Dixon @ ~Health Care through

PA One Call Invoices

Please Note: When you receive your One Call invoice for the new year, DO NOT pay it. Send it to the BBBA Office (either by USPS mail, or scan and email) and we will forward it for payment to PBA. This


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